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Security Systems


Considering the addition of CCTV System in Wimbledon, London for enhanced security? Whether you’re looking to monitor entry points, secure high-priority areas, or achieve comprehensive property surveillance, our CCTV systems at Secured Electrician can be seamlessly integrated with your access control systems, adding a robust layer of protection.


Cutting-edge security systems installation by Secured Electrician, ensuring your business and home are protected 24/7.

Expert CCTV and Security Systems

Secured Electrician with a wealth of experience installing and maintaining CCTV System in Wimbledon (Security Systems). All systems are bespoke, and designed around your requirements and budget. Your cutting-edge, high-quality equipment connects to your mobile phone or tablet via an app, so you have the comfort of being able to view your premises remotely, wherever you are.

We design and install a range of access systems with varying levels of security, depending on users and locations. We provide security systems across London. Our specialist security team and electricians are fully qualified and experienced to work across a range of sectors including residential and commercial.


Expert Security Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Being an installer with over 5 years of experience “Secured Electrician” has the knowledge to ensure that we design and install the suitable security systems to keep the contents of your premises, staff or your family as safe as possible

Each business is unique with different needs. These factors will help you make a good decision for your business’s and house’s safety, along with the valuable lives and possessions in it. An access control system you can rely on will eliminate the threats posed by uncontrolled points of entry, unauthorised access to sensitive areas and unsupervised visitor access.

CCTV Systems Wimbledon - security camera on building

CCTV Systems to Safeguard Your Wimbledon, London Home or Business

For enhanced or high-security environments, extensive camera installation across your site ensures all business areas are under surveillance. Typically, CCTV cameras can interlink with other security measures like access control systems, enabling you or your security team to oversee property access attempts.

Deploying CCTV System in Wimbledon is an effective strategy to safeguard your industrial and commercial premises. A fundamental setup might include recording access points to provide evidence in cases of theft or unauthorized entry, aiding in legal processes or law enforcement inquiries. Moreover, such systems can be actively monitored by security personnel for prompt incident response.

Secure Your Wimbledon Property 24/7 with CCTV Surveillance

The advantage of installing CCTV System in Wimbledon is the continuous monitoring it enables over vital sections of any property, 24/7. Even basic systems can connect to the internet, allowing secure remote access through PCs or smartphones. At Secured Electrician, we’re adept at installing from comprehensive CCTV setups to specialized security solutions for our clients in Wimbledon, London. Our expert team is committed to delivering a broad spectrum of electrical and CCTV services, ensuring your property’s safety and operational integrity.

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