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Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon: Inspection and Testing Landlord Certificate

Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon, London, encompasses various tests, inspections, and adjustments of electrical systems. This practice is essential for guaranteeing the safety, efficiency, and regulatory adherence of your electrical installations. 

Most of our clients prefer to have peace of mind knowing that Secured Electrician are carrying out planned maintenance visits on an agreed schedule, keeping their premises in the best possible performance for their customers and staff, rather than waiting for something to go wrong and looking towards a reactive service.

Professional maintenance service by Secured Electrician ensuring optimal performance and safety of electrical systems.

At Secured Electrician, we offer a suite of services for Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon, London:

Electrical Safety Testing to NICEIC Standards

As members of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), a governing body that verifies the capability and conformity of electrical contractors, we perform Electrical Maintenance adhering to NICEIC standards.

Fixed Wiring Testing According to BS 7671 Regulations

Our proficient Electricians in Wimbledon are adept at conducting fixed wiring examinations in line with BS 7671 regulations. This aspect of Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon, London, confirms that your systems are up to par with safety and functionality benchmarks.

General Fault Diagnosis

Issues such as intermittent lighting or power disruptions necessitate Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon, London. Our team is well-versed in diagnosing and rectifying a broad array of electrical problems swiftly and effectively.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

PAT testing is crucial for assessing the safety of electrical devices. Essential for landlords, business owners, and residential clients alike, PAT testing is a critical component of regular Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon, London.

Inspection and Certification

We offer thorough inspection and certification services as part of our Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon, London, providing you with the assurance that your electrical systems are secure and compliant.

Repairs & Upkeep

Should issues arise during our Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon, London, rest easy knowing we’re equipped to conduct all necessary repairs and upkeep, ensuring a seamless and worry-free service.

For professional Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon, London with Secured Electrician, please feel free to reach out to us.

Professional electrical maintenance in Wimbledon service by Secured Electrician ensuring optimal performance and safety of electrical systems.


Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon is imperative for both residential and commercial establishments in Wimbledon, London. Here are instances when it becomes necessary:

Annual Electrical Maintenance
Annual check-ups are advised to preemptively address any budding concerns, avoiding the development of more serious, costly, and unsafe situations.

After Major Electrical Installations
Post-significant electrical work, such as new installations or renovations, it’s crucial to undergo Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon, London to ensure all systems comply with legal standards.

During Property Transactions
Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon, London, is indispensable when buying or selling a property to uncover any potential electrical issues, ensuring the safety of the premises for all parties involved.

If you’re uncertain about the need for Electrical Maintenance in Wimbledon, London, our expert Electricians in Wimbledon are ready to offer advice and guidance, ensuring your electrical systems are not only efficient but also safe and compliant.


From our head office network, Secured Electrician operates a swift and efficient service to clients ever-changing needs.

– Planned Electrical Maintenance, Residential and Commercial
– Service Agreements That Fit the Budget
– Four Preventive Maintenance. Checks Per Annum
– Reactive Emergency Call Outs To Your Premises

PPM stands for Planned Preventive Maintenance, which is also called planned maintenance or scheduled maintenance. PPM maintenance is carried out on an asset (like a piece of equipment, a property, or an element of a property) on a regular basis. PPM is performed to help preserve the properties condition and prevent problems from occurring. It’s a proactive approach to maintenance, designed to avoid failures, breakages and unexpected maintenance costs or unplanned disturbances from reactive works.

– PPM maintenance is designed to help maximise and maintain the value of your property or asset by helping it to operate efficiently, in full working order and as safely as possible, for as long as possible.

– PPM as a Maintenance Strategy


Maintenance can be viewed in one of two main categories:

– A reactive maintenance strategy: allows only for making repairs following a failure. On one hand, reactive maintenance allows for higher utilisation and output in the short term. On the other hand, the expense of repairs will normally end up costing more than is gained from increased utilisation in the long run. At the point of failure, costs may be higher to repair, and consequential damage may also have occurred.

– A planned preventative maintenance (PPM) strategy: means that maintenance tasks are scheduled ahead of time, to take place on a regular basis – even while an asset is still functioning normally. The idea is to prevent problems as they occur, and while it might increase planned downtime, this strategy is a highly beneficial one for businesses. A PPM strategy should also allow for better accuracy in budgeting for works that may be required.


Key Benefits of PPM Maintenance

– Businesses with a good PPM strategy in place will enjoy the following benefits:
– Longer lifespan of property assets
– Less need for major unplanned repair work
– Increased productivity with less unplanned downtime
– Improved overall efficiency
– Reduced maintenance costs and overtime costs
– Increased safety management and a better quality job
– Asset enhancement – planned works can react more frequently to changing business needs
– Less stress and a happy business! Reactive work is generally more time-consuming and urgent

In addition to our maintenance & support service, we carry out a full range of electrical and fire alarm services, Which gives our clients a broad spectrum for maintaining their premises, whilst having the addition of the further services.

Giving them full peace of mind, Secured Electrician can cover all aspects of their electrical needs.

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