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Electrical Rewiring

Electrical Rewiring in Wimbledon

At Secured Electrician we offer electrical rewiring in Wimbledon and across London and are trusted to complete our installations to a high quality standard. If your business requires electrical rewiring services, contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

If you are looking for a good quality electrician for a reasonable price then look no further. Secured Electrician has fully qualified. Our registered electricians with over 5 years experience. Specialising in domestic rewires, electrical repairs, and maintenance to homes across London and surrounding areas. We are specialists in Electrical rewiring.


Professional Electrical Rewiring in Wimbledon by Secured Electrician, ensuring safe and efficient electrical systems in London homes.

Why choose Secured Electrician?

Our electricians work is to the highest standard and is guaranteed for 12 months and is tested using the latest equipment and certified. Our electricians keep the work place (your home) clean and tidy, and are also well mannered.

On completion of every installation we carry out a full inspection, test the work and issue a certificate for your records.


– Guaranteed Professionalism: Our services are performed by highly experienced, certified, and insured electricians.
– Comprehensive Solutions: Beyond rewiring, we offer a wide range of electrical installation, replacement, and repair services, including PAT testing and EICR assessments.
– Minimal Disruption: While rewiring involves some disturbance, we ensure a clean and tidy finish, advising clients to clear the area of furnishings where possible.
– Flexible Scheduling: Available throughout the week, including weekends and holidays, we work around your schedule for maximum convenience.


Expectations from Your Electrical Rewiring Service in Wimbledon

The process, typically spanning several days, involves two main stages: the removal of old wiring and installation of new systems, including safety tests for all components. It’s advisable to prepare your property in advance to facilitate a smoother and more efficient operation.

Professional electrical rewiring in Wimbledon by Secured Electrician, ensuring safe and efficient electrical systems in London homes.

Rewire Your House in Wimbledon in Four Steps

Book Your Service Online: Use the GoFantastic app or our booking form to request your Electrical Rewiring in Wimbledon service.
Arrange Your Appointment: A certified electrician will assess the work required and provide a detailed estimate.
Professional Service Execution: Depending on the extent of the rewiring, alternative accommodation might be recommended for your comfort.
Enjoy a Safer, Upgraded Home: Benefit from a modern, energy-efficient, and safe electrical system once the rewiring is complete.

Electrical Rewiring Service Highlights

Whether you’re renovating, converting a space, or adding an extension, our Electrical Rewiring in Wimbledon services cater to all scenarios. At Secured Electrician, we employ certified electricians who carry out rewiring tasks safely and in compliance with all relevant regulations. This comprehensive process includes evaluating your existing system, planning the installation of new outlets and fixtures according to your preferences, and conducting thorough post-service testing to ensure everything operates flawlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Rewiring in Wimbledon

While you can technically undertake rewiring if you have the requisite electrical qualifications, it’s important to remember that such work is regulated by “Part P” of the Building Regulations. This means it must meet certain safety standards and be inspected by local authorities, which involves a fee. If you’re not confident in your electrical abilities, it’s safer and more prudent to hire a professional, licensed electrician from Secured Electrician.

Given the significant disruption of living without electricity, it might be best to find temporary accommodation. If staying elsewhere isn’t feasible, you should work out a schedule with the electricians to ensure the least possible disruption, particularly if you need to be at home during the rewiring.

Consider rewiring as part of larger home renovations that could involve structural modifications, necessitating further work like plastering and painting. It’s wise to protect or remove valuables and furniture to avoid dust and potential damage.

The time needed for rewiring varies with the size of your property and the job’s complexity, including how many and what types of electrical installations are requested. Our electricians will give you a more accurate timeframe once they understand your specific needs.

Costs for rewiring differ depending on the size of your property and the extent of work needed. Smaller projects generally cost less. Our team will provide a detailed quote after assessing your property and understanding your requirements.

Updating your wiring may not directly lower your insurance premiums, but keeping your electrical system modern and compliant is essential for policy renewal. Insurance companies value electrical safety, and outdated or hazardous wiring might hinder policy renewal processes.

Signs You Might Need a Rewiring:

– Outdated or malfunctioning sockets and switches.
– Presence of aluminum wiring or old insulation.
– Regular issues with fuses blowing or appliance malfunctions.
– Discoloration around outlets or strange smells.
– Insufficient outlets in rooms or lights that flicker.

At Secured Electrician in Wimbledon, we ensure your home is up to the latest safety standards with our Electrical Rewiring Wimbledon services. Reach out today to get a certified Electrician in Wimbledon for a dependable and efficient electrical system overhaul.

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