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Fixed Wire & Electrical Condition Reports

Fixed Wire Testing & Electrical Condition Reports

Secured Electrician engineers, will complete the Fixed Wire Testing and inspection to the highest standard and in accordance with the latest edition of the BS7671 wiring regulations.

Circle Electrical specialises in fixed installation testing and electrical condition reporting. We are committed to helping our Clients deliver and achieve their wider Asset Management Strategic objectives. We are well aware of the need for clients to manage their budgets and assets as cost effectively as possible and we work very closely with them to achieve this.

We work with our clients to ensure that they manage their electrical installations in the most cost effective and economic way by aiming to extend the remaining economic life of their electrical condition as far as possible whilst ensuring their continued safe operation.

Expert Fixed Wire Testing by Secured Electrician, guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of electrical installations.

What is Fixed Wire Testing?

Fixed Wire Testing refers to the thorough inspection and examination of a property’s permanent electrical systems.

This procedure is known by various names, such as hard wire testing and periodic electrical inspections, all under the umbrella term EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). A Fixed Wire in Wimbledon test involves scrutinizing the building’s permanent electrical infrastructure to ensure safety and compliance.

The Significance of Electrical Condition Reports

Given that defective electrical systems are a leading cause of fires in both commercial and residential settings, the importance of maintaining these systems through regular Fixed Wire Tests cannot be overstated.

Expert Fixed Wire Testing by Secured Electrician, guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of electrical installations.

Comprehensive Fixed Wire Testing Services by Secured Electrician in Wimbledon

Electrical Condition Reports is a comprehensive evaluation process where each electrical installation within a building is assessed against safety regulations, covering components such as power outlets, lighting, distribution boards, and air conditioning units, but not plug-in electrical appliances.

This testing is crucial for identifying corrective actions in mains panels, distribution boards, lighting circuits, in-wall wiring, and outlets. While the legal requirements for Fixed Wire in Wimbledon can vary depending on the property type, it remains essential for landlords and business owners to comply with regulations ensuring tenant safety.

We offers thorough Electrical Condition Reports services across Wimbledon and beyond, catering to various properties like offices, warehouses, and hotels, to maintain safety standards.

Conducted by qualified engineers, the process involves minimal disruption, beginning with visual inspections for circuit labeling and tracing, followed by physical examinations with specialized equipment to guarantee the integrity of your property’s electrical infrastructure.

Post-Testing Procedures
After testing, we compile an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), outlining the condition of your electrical systems and any required compliance work.

Frequency of Electrical Condition Reports
The frequency of Fixed Wire should be at regular intervals, with specific mandates for housing associations and landlords in the private rental sector now requiring tests every five years as of 1st June 2020. Older buildings may require more frequent inspections.

Further Information on Testing Frequency
Should you have questions regarding testing frequency, Secured Electrician is ready to provide advice on electrical testing and compliance, tailoring an inspection plan to your needs.

Fixed Wire in Wimbledon Remedial Work
Expert Electricians offers remedial services for any issues identified during testing in Wimbledon, ensuring your property complies swiftly with regulations.

Post-Repair Testing and Documentation
Following repairs, a retest confirms the maintenance’s success, with issuance of an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) and a satisfactory EICR as proof of compliance with UK standards.

Other Electrical Testing Services
Beyond Fixed Wire in Wimbledon, we offer bespoke electrical testing services tailored to your requirements, including labelling, heat surveys, and schematic creation, with flexible scheduling to minimize disruption.

Why Choose Secured Electrician 
The Professional team of Secured Electrician consists of experienced engineers, fully insured and compliant with health and safety standards, ensuring fast certification turnaround and transparent pricing for all electrical services, including after-hours appointments.

Testing Costs
Our pricing is clear and based on property size and circuit count. For comprehensive pricing information or a customized quote, visit our pricing page or contact us directly.

Demonstrating Compliance
A satisfactory EICR from a Fixed Wire in Wimbledon test indicates compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1984 and Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

Recording Fixed Wire Test Results
The EICR, provided to the duty holder, records the test results, including details of any defects and dangerous conditions.

Our Support for You
As a leader in Fixed Wire in Wimbledon testing, Secured Electrician supports you through the testing process, offering advice on compliance and planning for any necessary remedial works.

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