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Inspection and Testing Landlord Certificate

EICR Inspection in Wimbledon | Testing Landlord Certificate

An EICR Inspection in Wimbledon (Electrical Installation Condition Report), or Electrical Installation Condition Report, checks whether your property’s wiring and electrics are safe. It is also known as Landlord Safety Test, Electrical Safety Certificate or the Homebuyer’s Test.

Professional electrician performing an EICR Inspection in Wimbledon to ensure the safety and compliance of rental properties.

During an EICR Inspection in Wimbledon, our electrician performs five key tasks:

– Records the inspection and test results to ensure the electrical systems are safe until the next check-up, following any required repairs.
– Identifies and reports any damage or wear that could compromise safety.
– Verifies compliance with the IET wiring regulations.
– Investigates potential causes of electric shocks and overheating.
– Documents the state of the installation at the time of the inspection.


For Landlords:

Since April 2021, landlords must provide an EICR copy to both current and prospective tenants.

Landlords bear the responsibility for the electrical safety of the entire property, including installed systems and any provided electrical appliances. Ensuring these are safe for use by new tenants and maintained throughout their tenancy is crucial.

Failure to comply can result in fines up to £30,000, potential invalidation of insurance, and the possibility of banning orders for severe or repeated violations.

Professional electrician performing an EICR inspection to ensure the safety and compliance of rental properties.

Understanding an EICR inspection

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR Inspection in Wimbledon) uncovers any defects, wear, or damage in an electrical system. It pinpoints hazards and suggests remedial measures to guarantee the safety and compliance of electrical installations. This report thoroughly examines the electrical network, including wiring, consumer units, earth bonding, and hidden components. It also serves as the Landlord’s Electrical Safety Certificate for rental properties.

Experts recommend that homeowners get an EICR inspection every ten years for privately-owned homes. Landlords face penalties up to £30,000 for a non-compliant EICR, underlining the necessity to adhere to stringent safety regulations.

It’s important to distinguish that Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is different from an EICR inspection and is essential for verifying the safety and functionality of portable appliances.

EICR Frequently Asked Questions

For both residential and commercial landlords, it’s legally required to have the electrical installation inspected and tested at least every five years or with each change of occupancy.

The time taken for an EICR Inspection in Wimbledon can vary by property. Inspectors conduct thorough checks that might require a considerable amount of time. Visual inspections alone can take up to an hour, with additional time needed for documentation.

It’s advisable for private residences to have an EICR inspection every 10 years. Landlords must ensure their properties are inspected and tested at least every five years, or more frequently based on the latest safety report.

Expect power shutdown during the inspection, affecting access to electrical devices. Clearing areas for the electrician’s access and allowing them uninterrupted work time is recommended. Post-inspection, it might take about 48 hours to process findings before providing quotes for any necessary repairs.

Electricians start with a visual assessment followed by detailed checks. Immediate hazards (“code one”) are addressed promptly, while potential dangers (“code two”) and non-urgent issues (“code three”) are documented for future action.


Upon completing a seven-page report, Secured Electrician provides clients with both the findings and quotes for any suggested repairs to ensure compliance and safety standards are met.

The EICR inspection ensures the consumer unit meets current regulations, including proper circuit breaker and RCD protection. It checks for correct earthing and the safe installation of sockets, lights, switches, and fixtures. Note that EICR does not cover portable appliances, which require a separate assessment.

Secured Electrician pledges to test between 85 to 100% of a property’s electrical installations, unlike some companies that might test only a sample.

EICR Qualifications

Only electricians accredited by NICEIC at the approved contractor level, or similarly recognized by other electrical regulatory bodies, are qualified to conduct an EICR. Verification is available through the Electrical Safety Register.

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