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LED Lighting System Design

LED lighting installation in Wimbledon

These design basics can help you understand how LED lighting installation in Wimbledon can give you better quality lighting and a more efficient infrastructure

A new LED system typically results in energy savings of as much as 85 percent compared to traditional lighting systems? While there is an upfront installation cost, the return on investment is apparent almost instantly with ongoing energy savings.

Cutting-edge LED Lighting installation, showcasing efficient and stylish lighting solutions for various spaces.

When considering an LED retrofit of your space, have the engineer analyse the following items to ensure optimal LED lighting installation in Wimbledon.

– Thermal management
– Photometrics & 3D renderings
– Usage vs. longevity of LED fixtures
– Spacing of the fixtures
– Lumen requirements for code compliance and productivity needs
– Multiple lighting layouts to see what option fits your space best based on the tasks being performed
– What options for lighting control are available for the space(s)

LEDs can produce thousands of lumens, and even low-power LEDs are becoming more specialized. When you’re designing a space and need the lighting to reflect your style and light the space appropriately, consider these elements first:

– Colour temperature: This only applies to white light, and measure how cool (blue hue) or warm (red hue) the light appears. Warm temp LEDs tend to make food more appetizing and people look better, so it might be the right choice for residential houses, restaurants or retail space. For example, Cool whites are often used in office environments because they tend to mimic daylight and have been proven to make employees more productive.

– Wavelength: To get the specific colour you really want for your space, make sure you pay attention to the wavelength spec to see if you’re going to get a true green shade, for example, rather than a yellow-green.

– LED efficiency: Efficiency is measured in lumens per Watt. As a rule of thumb, customers tend to aim for 100 lumens per Watt from an entire system. This includes any losses due to heat, lensing, light guides, and power conversion.

Cutting-edge LED Lighting installation, showcasing efficient and stylish lighting solutions for various spaces.

Secured Electrician specializes in the design and installation of bespoke LED lighting systems to optimally illuminate your workspaces in Wimbledon, including:

– Factories, Industrial, and Manufacturing Spaces
– Warehouses and Storage Facilities
– Office and Retail Spaces
– Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
– Schools and Universities
– Restaurants and Hotels
– Government Buildings

LED lights excel in directivity, making them an excellent choice for focused and task lighting, as well as lighting for parking garages, pathways, and other outdoor areas, unlike their incandescent, fluorescent, and CFL counterparts.


Advantages of LED Lighting in Commercial and Industrial Settings

– Highly energy-efficient, consuming at least 75% less power than incandescent lighting
– Immediate activation with no warm-up period
– Extended lifespan
– Enhanced illumination
– Lowered fire risk
– Durable
– Fully controllable
– Free of flickering
– Silent operation without the humming or buzzing associated with fluorescent tubes
– Over 95% recyclable

Cost Savings from Energy and Maintenance

Transitioning to a modern commercial LED lighting installation in Wimbledon can lead to savings of up to 75% on annual energy and maintenance costs while enhancing the lighting quality of your workspace. Illuminate your warehouse, boost productivity in factory and office areas with precise LED lighting, and beautify reception areas with recessed ceiling lighting or LED strips that reflect your brand colors. The opportunities for improvement are limitless.

Modern Control Features of LED Systems

Contemporary LED lighting solutions offer Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing administrators to set lighting schedules for automatic operation. Utilize apps or centralized programs to adjust light colors or temperatures based on external conditions, mimicking natural lighting effects. Integrate your LED system with motion sensors to activate lighting only when rooms are occupied, optimizing energy use and enhancing convenience.

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